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Areas of Photography Based on Subjects

There are many different areas of photography based on its subjects. Here are a few of the different types of photography:

Nature photography
Nature photography captures pictures of the blessedness and beauty of nature. It encompasses landscape photography that exhibits the beauty of a place and its forms such as deserts, mountains and even waterfalls. Also it involves wildlife photography that takes pictures of animals and their habitats. This type of photography would require adaptivity to nature and knowledge of animals. This can be dangerous if you don’t know how to react or treat animals and go about in the wilderness of the forest and mountains.

Underwater photography
Underwater photography may be a separate type but it is still related to nature photography. It focuses on the attractiveness and splendour of the marine life and the marvels of the underwater. Interesting underwater subjects are fishes, corals as well as other frightening creatures such as sharks.

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